alan partridge, aha-!

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“knowing me, knowing you. Aha-!”

ever since i watched this chat show, this catch phrase got stuck in my mind. his voice was in my dream and in my daydream. alan partridge is a character portrayed by british comedian steve coogan. alan is the host of this chat show “knowing me, knowing you” — he adores ABBA, so he decided to name it after his favourite ABBA song. he also uses part of the song as his catchphrase: A-HA! he interviews a number of people but definitely ends up offending them. just about everything he tries turns out wrong.

i was introduced to this show by paul back in japan. he had a videotape version of the show, but it was UK format, which you can’t watch in japan (or canada). he has been injecting how brilliant alan is into my mind. but all i could do is imagine it. the mystery continued.

now six years later, paul found it on DVD in Saskatoon! you should’ve seen how happy he was. the DVD contains all 6 episodes from the series, plus a Christmas special. as soon as i saw alan partridge dance out on stage by taking 5 steps forward and 1 step back, shooting an invisible machine gun into the audience, i was hooked.

his timing is absolutely perfect. you’ll be hooked. it won’t be long til you start to hum, “knowing me knowing you, AHA-!”

Author: yuka

can you see this?