it was only a week after i moved to saskatoon from kingston. i’d never been to saskatoon before, so everything in saskatoon was kind of a mystery. feeling kind of blue, i was walking around downtown watching people passing by and hoping to find something fun to do. then i saw a poster with a familiar face topped by a familiar mushroom haircut — it was EMO! EMO PHILIPS was coming to saskatoon!

i’d never seen him live before, but i’d heard his brilliant LP, “E=MO2″ so i was pretty excited about it. and it was a perfect timing, too: his show was a day before my birthday.

the show was part of the annual comedy festival and was held at a high school auditorium. paul and I sat right up front seats so we could capture everything EMO. two other comedians opened for him. they were funny too, but all i could think of was “EMO! EMO! EMO! EMO!”

when EMO finally appeared on stage, he was so funny i almost fell off my chair. i love his timing and his weird intonation. he did some new sketches and some of the old classics.

after the show, EMO hung around in the lobby, chatting with his fans. some people brought copies of his original LP for EMO’s autograph. paul has a copy, but unfortunately we forgot to bring it. so we bought the CD version and EMO signed one of his promotional postcard for me. he was so gentle and kind. he called me a “hot mama”, but i think he says that to all the girls…

download: ‘how girls can score with me
buy: E=MO2.

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  1. Watari Goro’s avatar

    I used to LOVE Emo Phillips! I didn’t know he was still performing! I haven’t seen him in ages! Because of Emo, I love cole slaw! LOL!


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