spencer in love

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a page from my amigurumi storybook: “the boring life of spencer, the ennui dog”. spencer is my favorite amigurumi (he’s so handsome). his life is boring, but he has many adventures. also appearing in the book: maximum team power (duck), fiona (spencer’s love), goro-chan (a “lone wolf” on wheels), and a pink jeep cherokee.

i launched the book last night at the aka gallery / paved art book fair. this was my first storybook. i took pictures of my amigurumi (on location here in saskatoon) and paul did the layout. the story is appropriate for adult children (it’s a cute story with a hint of backstabbing).

i’ll be posting more pages here over the next couple of weeks. i’ll also explain how to make amigurumi.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “spencer in love”

  1. Oh my gosh the cutest book ever! Yuka your work is fantastic. I cannot wait to see the other work you produce!

  2. thank you, jessica! at this point, i’m making books on my own so it’s pretty pricy. i’ll be looking into producing reasonable way to publish my book so that the book is accessable to many people. meanwhile, enjoy my book on my blog!

  3. Aww, very lovely photo…A very talented and beautiful composition here. I just wanna thank ya and hug ya for ur comment on my blog…Definitely appreciate your feedback! :)


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