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i didn’t realize i could draw such a handsome sheep. i wanted to have him do something funny. my first idea was to have the horn stabbing someone in the eye, but i thought that was too obvious. anyway, the key point is, this particular sheep isn’t violent, he’s just curious. and nothing is more curious than large strawberry panties.

this is part of my drawing show at phonographique, on until april 1st.

UPDATE: you can buy a postcard of this drawing from my SHOP.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “curious”

  1. Hi Yuku. Met you at the Aka art book opening. I was the organic farmer/madman that wants to make sculptures out of cow teeth (I have one made out of goat horns as well). I am having fun trying to figure out your relationship with animals -especially the fish. Being an organic farmer, your use of air filter masks points to an interest of the perils of genetic engineering and treating food as a biohazard. But that is probably just me. Anyway, I enjoy your sense of humour (hungry is one of my favorites) and look forward to meeting you again.

  2. thanks for your comment! i don’t really know where my images come from. but i’m happy to hear that you are having fun thinking about my drawings. and i’m so glad that my book made you laugh. see ya!

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