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i’m not a diva type, but i thought i should add some spice to my drawings for the women’s art festival opening this weekend in saskatoon. the festival is called “her-icane go-diva“, for some reason. at the festival, i’m officially an “emerging visual artist”. hurray! our opening is this evening (friday) at 6pm, at SCYAP (saskatoon community youth arts programming center).

one of the main events at the festival is the “art bra” show and auction. different artists (not me) are designing their artistic bras. i’m not very good at that kind of female-oriented activity, but i thought i should draw a bra for the festival. instead, i drew human breasts on a chicken. the chicken is proud to have such delicious-looking breasts, but the girl is not so impressed. “they’re just pieces of meat, after all”.

the kanji (chinese characters) say “bird breasts”. i should have written “chicken breasts”, but i wasn’t really paying attention.

this drawing and another one of mine, also featuring a chicken (violent type), will be showing at SCYAP until march 31st.

to japanese readers:



Author: yuka

can you see this?

6 thoughts on “art bra”

  1. このインパクト好きです!

    very nice, that she is so lovely natural girl.
    great work!

  2. jadeくん、コメントありがとね。女の子がいばってる鶏に向かって、「けっ」って言ってる感じをだしたかったんやけど、わかるかな?

  3. うーん、わかる!わかる!(笑)

    keep up the good work! :)

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