sushido, the way of sushi

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in japan, it is very important to follow specific instructions to master the tradition of eating sushi. otherwise, you’ll end up being turned into sushi yourself.

yes, the rules are strict. but after all, that’s the samurai way (“naruhodo, samurai no kuni desu ne”).

in my high school, there was an after-school sushi ceremony club (寿司道 = “sushido”), where we trained carefully in the art of eating sushi under our sushi-master, Kinpachi-sensei. students who didn’t follow his directions exactly were sliced carefully into sashimi with his katana sword.

outside of the formal sushi ceremony, the rules are more relaxed, especially for foreigners. but there are still many subtle cultural nuances that everyone who eats sushi should be aware of. luckily, there is now a video demonstrating (in japanese with english subtitles) the way for everyone to eat sushi.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

12 thoughts on “sushido, the way of sushi”

  1. 武士道ならぬ寿司道ってのがクールでイケてるね(笑)

  2. 面白い動画みつけましたね(笑)。


  3. jade says: it’s cool and wicked that it’s “sushido” not “bushido”. in the meantime, serve me sushi without sabi(wasabi)!

    yuka says: that’s what’s called “wabi-sabi”.

  4. d’n’c says:
    you found an interesting video(smile). i have an feeling that i’ve seen similar series somewhere(maybe preview of a movie or something?). they compose and summarise interestingly after good observations.

    i wonder what foreigners’ll think after watching this video.


    yuka says:
    “i hope they use plenty of soy sauce”
    that’s the only thing i hope from my heart.

  5. the main two guys are comedians called “ramen zu”.
    very surreal.
    there’re more of their skits on youtube.
    search under ‘ramenzu’ in katakana.
    i think they’re from kanto area.
    i like the ‘japanese school africa edition’.

    anyway, i wanna eat ra-men.

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