stop and chat

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– mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi.

– mi mi, mi mi mi mi mi mi mi.


– it’s very warm today here in saskatoon.

– indeed, it’s very warm today. i was standing on the broadway bridge this afternoon, watching the snow melt into the saskatchewan river. the ice is starting to break up. it made me want to dive into the river and get refreshed. summer is almost here! in fact, it’s so hot today that my fish is drying out a bit. ha ha!! does your fish feel dry? it should be slightly wet on the surface. my fish always gets tired in the heat and just lies there. no energy, no co-operation, so i have to drag him around. maybe i’ll buy him ice cream to cheer him up. i haven’t had ice cream for a long time — except for that one time at costco. do you like ice cream?

– …???…

like larry david, i’m not very good at the “stop and chat”.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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