giant pink grapefruit jello vs bucket pudding


to add a fancy touch, i used a knife and a fork to eat the jello last night. you can cut the jello into different shapes — thin slice, square, triangle…

all of sudden, it got so much fun. fine dining with my giant pink grapefruit jello. and hurray! i put the last piece of the giant jello in my mouth! i finished it!
d’n’c (genius!) sent me a link to “bucket pudding“. it’s a bucket full of pudding (creme brulee) made by japanese bakers who wanted to make people’s dreams come true — “i want to eat a bucket full of pudding. a dream from childhood.” apparently it’s very popular in japan. it’s so popular that the bakers have to limit the quantity to sell — limited 60 buckets of pudding a day. it’s all handmade and they use high quality fresh milk called “abukuma kougen milk” from fukushima prefecture, local eggs, local sugar and a dash of vanilla essence. that’s it. yummy.

another great charm of this giant pudding is that you can keep the bucket after eating the pudding. you can use it to keep wine cool or as an ice pitcher. after eating the giant pudding, you might want to celebrate your accomplishment with cool wine and beer. no need for the fridge. you can use the bucket. how convenient! now that’s KIKUBARI.


next time, i’ll try to make a giant pudding. but i think i’m gonna have to have a party for that.

Author: yuka

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