spencer book 5

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it might be hard to identify, but that thing got stuck in the snow? that’s spencer.

the day i took this photo was sooooooo cooooold — probably around -26c. in february, a super-blue sky in the prairies = super cold. i thought about waiting for a warmer day to take photos, but i didn’t want to miss the chance to capture this gorgeous sky. also, the art book fair (where i showed the spencer book) was only 3 days away.

this was taken in a park across from my apartment building. the snow was fresh and powdery. spencer kept falling over. i had to pile snow up around him to keep him steady. originally i was hoping to capture him standing in the middle of an untouched snow field. so i jumped as far as i could, placed him in the snow, and then jumped back. but the hole i made by jumping was way bigger than the size of spencer. my jumping technique was poor, and i ended up leaving extra footsteps around where i landed. low scores from the olympic judges!

next try, i tiptoed forward, trying not to make much mess, placed spencer carefully, and tiptoed back. i think it turned out pretty good. it looks like he walked that far himself.

there’s probably no way to place an amigurumi in a snowy park without looking stupid. luckily, it was so cold that there weren’t many people walking outside that day. most people tried not to make eye contact. but i did get noticed by one old man passing by:

–“what cha doin’, my dear?”
–“i’m taking glamour shots of my useless toy.”
–“ho, ho, ho-. that’s wonderful.”

i don’t think he heard me. he was wearing earmuffs and a heavy tuque.
in the end, i think spencer did a great job expressing the feeling of “adventure”. well acted, spencer!

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