shape up with mariko takahashi

everyone, spring is finally here! it’s time to go outside and soak in the sunshine! oh, wait? are you worried about extra “you” grown around your body during the loooooong winter? do you want to trim off the extra “you” and fit yourself into pretty spring outfits?

no problem! beautiful arms showing from your summer dress is not a dream. with this “mariko takahashi fitness video: for being appraised as an ex-fat girl”, you can shape up at home right now! you can do it alone, with your friends and even with your lovely pets! throw away your dust-covered richard simmons exercise video! this revolutionary exercise video with beautiful mariko takahashi will get you (and your pets) easily motivated and a week from now, you’ll be looking smashing!

lose weight and celebrate! bring it up and squeeze it down! let’s go!

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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