attempt for ‘art recipe’


usually when i draw, i do it in one shot. if i stop working on a drawing before it’s finished, i can’t get back into it the next day. my mood changes quickly, so i get easily bored. if i lose interest in a drawing it may be weeks before i go back to finish it.

this time, i managed to stop drawing just long enough to take photos of my unfinished drawing, “laundry day”. you can see the finished drawing below.
i was invited to join a group called “art recipe” on flickr. artists submit their finished work to the group and link to a series of images showing the “recipe” they used to make their work. it’s very interesting. artworks suddenly seem more layered.

i wanted to put up a post to show my “recipe” for drawing. unfortunately, the photos didn’t turn out well, so i’ll join the group another time. at least taking breaks for photos helped my right hand stay happy and painless.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

2 thoughts on “attempt for ‘art recipe’”

  1. The answer is yes. It’s more than a ritual for me. During the last 2 years there hasn’t been a single day without a few hours of drawing. It’s kind of therapy for me. It gives me a reason to stay alive. Need it as eating.

  2. wow. you’re a fountain of imagination,
    creativity and concentrations!!
    when i finish drawing, i tend to do other random things, as you might be able to tell from my blog…

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