April 2006

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everyone, spring is finally here! it’s time to go outside and soak in the sunshine! oh, wait? are you worried about extra “you” grown around your body during the loooooong winter? do you want to trim off the extra “you” and fit yourself into pretty spring outfits?

no problem! beautiful arms showing from your summer dress is not a dream. with this “mariko takahashi fitness video: for being appraised as an ex-fat girl”, you can shape up at home right now! you can do it alone, with your friends and even with your lovely pets! throw away your dust-covered richard simmons exercise video! this revolutionary exercise video with beautiful mariko takahashi will get you (and your pets) easily motivated and a week from now, you’ll be looking smashing!

lose weight and celebrate! bring it up and squeeze it down! let’s go!

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this is goro-chan. he is an amigurumi dog, but he acts like a lone wolf on wheels. when spencer gets in trouble, he is lucky enough to be helped by goro. goro takes him for a ride in his rollerblade.

i took these photos just outside my apartment building here in saskatoon. students were walking by on their way to university. most of them ignored me.

it was hard to get the action shot of spencer and goro in the rollerblade. there’s a can of coconut milk behind the rollerblade, holding it up. you can see the shadow in the “whee-ee-ee-ee” photo.

thanks, coconut milk.

for the goro superstar closeup, i just held him up against the blue sky with one hand. it’s hard to balance a rollerblade with an amigurumi dog in it, using just one hand and holding it from the wheels.

but i think it’s worth it in the end.

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born out of me 2004.08.18.11:28:55am in kingston.

i drew this a couple of days before my first ever show — the 2004 women’s art festival in kingston, ontario. i’ll never forget that day. i’d never shown my work in public before. i had drawings, paintings, photographs of my doctor and nurse dolls, amigurumi, and useless toys. i was so happy that people liked my work.

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(image from “sakura mapping project“)

spring is coming…

sakura (=cherry blossoms) are in bloom in western japan! i don’t see any sakura in saskatoon, but with this “sakura mapping system”, i can see sakura in action.

this is how it works. you take a photo of sakura with your cellphone and send the photo to google earth. the sakura bloom in a wave that moves across japan from the southwest. as the photos get sent in, you can see the “sakura front” (“sakura zensen“) moving north, bringing spring with it!

will you come with me for “cyber-hanami”?
(it’s over/done/gone.)

april 22nd is earth day.

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i’m used to it.


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i found this “emergency raincoat” at the dollar store in kingston. not the one with the fancy red sign but the one humbly located next to subway on princess street.

it’s raining hard today in saskatoon. i’ve noticed that canadians don’t like to use umbrellas. so tough. in japan, i never left home without my umbrella. never!! all japanese have to carry umbrellas every day — it’s required by the japanese constitution.

for people in other countries who don’t like to block the rain with mechanical devices such as an umbrella, this “emergency raincoat” would be an ideal substitute.

the downside of wearing raincoats is that it’s very hard to avoid looking lame. thanks to the recent improvements in fashion industry, there are more and more design-oriented raincoats available in canada. there are raincoats in bold, catchy colours, some with geometical patterns on them. that’s wonderful.

but may i say, they’re missing the whole point of raincoats? a stylish raincoat makes it too obvious that you’ve taken the time to find the perfect raincoat for a rainy day. and it’s clear that the only reason you’re carefree to walk down the street in the rain is because of that raincoat. other people, without raincoats, will say “if it weren’t for your raincoat, you’d be looking like a drowned rat, too!” by being obviously too well prepared, you deserve this sort of criticism.

the key point with raincoats is: keep it subtle. that’s why this emergency raincoat is made of transparent clear plastic. no-one will be able to tell that you’re wearing a raincoat (unless they get really close up). you’ll walk down the street in the rain like it’s just another beautiful sunny day. nonchalant, yet flawless. just like magic!

ladies will say: “who is this gentleman looking real sharp even in this heavy rain? what’s his secret?” gentlemen will say: “what a courageous lady, walking in the rain! i want her to be my wife.”

with this raincoat in your bag or in your pocket, you’re all set. you have no fear of the rain, and you’ll grab everyone’s hearts.

please, be prepared. if you do, you’ll be as proud as this happy man, walking in the rain.


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i took part in the international edible book festival in saskatoon this afternoon. i managed to finish making this cake just before the show. so i joined.


it’s basically a baumkuchen with icing and chocolate chips.

the pages are made of vanilla/cocoa layered baumkuchen with vanilla icing.
the hardcover base is made of green tea/cocoa layered baumkuchen with green tea icing.
the dots are dark chocolate chips. they spell out a message in braille.

it says….


“feel my words with your tongue”.

the recipe i used for baumkuchen is here.

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