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i finished my elephant recipe last night at 4am. i spent a little over 14 hours drawing. most of the time was spent colouring the elephant. you can see the details by clicking the image.

after spending so long colouring the elephant ears, i didn’t want to screw up the orange. i’d never drawn an orange before, so i grabbed an orange from the kitchen and did a quick practice sketch. i usually don’t sketch anything, because the first time is always best anyway.

i’m eating a lot of oranges these days. i got a plastic orange peeler tool that i can wear on my thumb to score the tough skin of the orange. the tart sweet orange wakes me right up, even when i’m tired from drawing all night.

my new drawing’s called: “tough skin, juicy heart”. i’ll be showing it at the broadway art encounter, starting friday.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.

here are some late night drawings, just after i finished drawing the orange. i was so relieved!




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it’s grey and cold in saskatoon today. so i decided to draw something grey. an elephant!

this is my second time trying to draw an elephant. my first try was in first grade, when i drew two elephants, mother and baby (smiling at me, i was in the picture too). those elephants didn’t fit on the paper. for some reason, i won a school prize for that drawing.
since then, i’ve learned to keep my elephants on the paper. my brother taught me to colour inside the lines by moving the pencil in small circles. i still use that trick.

this elephant’s head is wrinkled and slightly sad. for this drawing, i’m wearing the elephant head as a mask, or maybe a helmet (i got it as a birthday present). i’m drinking orange juice through the elephant head.

i haven’t decided on a title yet.

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UPDATE: it’s called “tough skin, juicy heart

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oh, my darlin’. you like to be inside of me.
happily together with a trout.

freshly drawn today.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.



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1/4 of trout and 1/4 of me.

i’m drawing this for the broadway art encounter. i’d like to show new works for this event. i still have 3 days or so. i’m a last minute machine.

i don’t like the taste of trout. but i really like the ugliness of it. what’s up with the dark dots?! they need to use a concealer…

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can’t get rid of my headache…

unlike this poor duck, i rarely suffer from headache. only heartache.

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what do i do with this??

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i love playing with pasta dough. it’s a great pasta machine indeed.

oregano and basil pasta.

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it was serendipity. the pink jeep cherokee and maximum team power duck, they’d got to be united.

i found it at value village in saskatoon. i went there the night before the spencer book photoshoot to look for roller skates for goro chan. i was on my way to the sports section. something incredibly pink caught my eye. it was the pink jeep. it was so beautiful just sitting quietly on the empty shelf. i rushed to the jeep and grabbed it. i had to have it. i knew it was just perfect for the maximum team power duck.

i really enjoyed taking these scenes with the duck and the jeep. they just look perfect together. it was already late at night after taking photos all day long for the book. i was exhausted. but hey, to be able to capture the secret life of the useless toys, it was definitely worth it. i had so much fun carrying this jeep around in the city and the parking lot. even though i’m actually too big to get in, i felt like i just got my ride pimped up!

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this is where you’ve been hiding.
love is sometime hiding in a tricky place.

yay! finally i can add my drawing to ‘art recipe‘ group on flickr. the giraffe drawing that i started last night finally completed this afternoon. i must say that i really enjoyed drawing this giraffe. this is my first time to draw giraffe in any form. this grotesque giraffe hits my laughing spot. the key point was to think myself as a giraffe while i was drawing. this way, i was able to colour the giraffe as if i were putting makeup on my face. it felt good.

i’ll take part in an event called “broadway art encounter” on june 2nd and june 3rd. this is an event presented by broadway business improvement district in saskatoon. This two day art walk takes art out of the gallery and features it in the everday. the stores on broadway avenue will become galleries. my works will be shown at Broadway Shoe Repair, 636 Broadway Avenue. (the owner, al is a super nice man and he carries fantastic Birkenstock sandals and Blundstone Boots from Australia.)

i’ll be showing some of my new works including this giraffe one. so come on down to broadway avenue. enjoy art and shopping for summer!


i moved my desk by the window. i like it this way.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.

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giraffe in process.
colour pencils on paper.

when i want to draw animals, i usually get some photo books from the library. but today, i got a sudden impulse to draw the image popped out in my mind. the image was featuring giraffe. i needed to draw it right away so i searched giraffe photos on google. i found one photo of giraffe that i thought attractive. i looked at the photo for a while. now i was ready to draw from my memory. i looked at the photo once a while to check colours and details.
luckily, i’ve never paid any attentions to giraffe before. so i didn’t have any bias or memories about them. i found it much easier to draw giraffe than paul’s face.

this giraffe is rather ugly + pretty = perfect combinations. i ended up making my giraffe more grotesque than the one on the photo.
my kind of giraffe.

i’ll show you the final drawing tomorrow.

update: there you are!

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