nanchatte takoyaki!


if you were born in the kansai area of japan, chances are you have a takoyaki pan at home. when i was little, my grandma or my mom used to make me and brother takoyaki for lunch on saturdays, after morning school.

takoyaki are dumplings made with batter, octopus, pickled ginger, tenkasu, and green onion. they’re usually topped with a barbecue sauce, shaved dry bonito flakes, mayonnaise and ao-nori (green seaweed flakes). we eat them with toothpicks. people in tokyo use chopsticks. that’s a no-no.

takoyaki was invented in the Taisho Era (1912-1926). there’re many takoyaki vendors throughout japan. takoyaki stands can be found at any japanese festival, always ready to serve. each region has its own unique variation on takoyaki, whether it’s sauce, ingredients or the way of cooking. for example, in osaka takoyaki is topped with a thick sauce, almost like a bbq sauce made with worcheshireshrehshioeaohfds sauce, ketchup and sugar. in akashi (hyogo prefecture), they’re served with soup. apparently, some people in kansai eat takoyaki with rice. i think that’s disgusting. i never eat takoyaki like that. carb plus carb? i don’t think so. it’s as bad as yakisoba pan(noodle sandwich).

during the 1990s, takoyaki shops from kyoto and osaka expanded to shibuya, the most fashionable area of tokyo. of course, kansai (kyoto and osaka) is culturally superior to tokyo, so this created a “takoyaki boom” in tokyo. when something “booms” in tokyo, it soon spreads everywhere in japan. soon, the takoyaki idea expanded too, and there were all sorts of takoyaki and octopus themed products.

there were songs about takoyaki, takoyaki-shaped tissue boxes, takoyaki towels, takoyaki mirrors, books about takoyaki, takoyaki key holders (and another version), takoyaki-flavored snacks, takoyaki stationery, tako-shaped cakes, takoyaki lollipops, and takoyaki necklaces. these items have been collected by a takoyaki specialist — kumagai mana from kyoto (she claims to be the only takoyaki-ist in the universe). takoyaki all over the place!

now you know why i needed to get away from japan.

i wasn’t that crazy about takoyaki. but when i came to canada, i made a clear point not to forget to bring a takoyaki pan with me.

my recipe might offend some serious takoyaki lovers from osaka, because i didn’t use octopus. octopus (“tako”) is really pretty important in takoyaki (“grilled octopus balls”). paul is “allergic” to seafood, so i used tofu, corn, cheese and turkey coldcuts instead. i didn’t have pickled ginger or tenkasu. i didn’t even have mayonnaise (i love japanese mayonnaise but i don’t like to keep it at home because i use it like crazy — not so good for my figure).

the only normal ingredients i used were flour, green onion, and ao-nori. everything else i faked. so this isn’t takoyaki, but “nanchatte takoyaki” (pseudo-takoyaki).




  • flour 75g (1/3c)
  • skim milk powder TB1
  • baking powder tsp 1
  • sugar tsp 1
  • salt tsp 1/4
  • soy sauce tsp 1
  • soup stock 300cc
  • egg 1

sauce (make up your own proportions):

  • worchestershire sauce
  • ketchup
  • sugar


  • octopus cubes
  • green onion
  • pickled ginger
  • dried baby shrimp
  • or anything you want (i used corn, cheese, tofu, and turkey)

(for best results, let your batter “rest” overnight)

  1. pour the batter in your hot takoyaki pan
  2. sprinkle your ingredients, making sure you get at least one of each in each takoyaki
  3. once the bottom is cooked, use a long wooden skewer to score the edge (run it around the rim of each circle) and flip it over. the uncooked batter will run down to the bottom and form the 2nd half of the ball.
  4. remove the cooked takoyaki
  5. brush with sauce. add mayonnaise. sprinkle ao-nori.
  6. serve with two toothpicks (important!)
  7. enjoy!!


Author: yuka

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  1. Hey Yuka!

    How goes it in Canada my friend?
    I really lovin the great fun foods tako-yaki!! I think that Kansai peoples are a great inventor :)

    By the way….Do you know website called ““? I’ve my own page on there and I posted a new tune called “Romance Xpress” on my page. Please check it out if you have time and wanna hear something unique, deep and new.

    I hope that new tune become some inspirations for your art and also might be something for your ears… Enjoy! Thank You. “

    そこにマヨをトッピング or ミックス!たまに和からし付けたりしてる(笑)

  2. yay! jade. カッコいいよー! i like “society beauty” too! っていうか全部。thanks for letting me know your page. love it love it. i used to have my myspace but i lost truck… i want to listen to your sound more more more. someday i wanna listen to this at clubs in tokyo.
    i like electro and micro/deep house too. there’s a german label called Kompakt. my fav is superpitcher and cd: total 6. and also, a cool local dj guy named, john vaughn (bricolodge) is awesome. he’s on myspace as well (can’t remember his address). check them out! maybe you like them too.




  3. Thanks for checkin out my work…I really appreciate the visit and your kind feedback! I’m also very glad that you’re liking my traxx! Anyway, hope to meet you in Tokyo some day. Ah yeah, KOMPAKT is a one of my favourite records label, and Superpitcher/Aksel Schaufler’s killer traxx are out of control! Thanks again for your precious time, my friend!

    Peace and love with pure good intentions to ya!

    しかし、オタフクがカナダにあるってのは凄いな(&高いな)。でもいいことだ!Viva la OTAFUKU!!!




  4. i couldn’t sleep last night. i need to find out the answers…






    and also thanks for letting me know myspace for kompakt and superpitcher!!

  5. Kansai is ‘culturally superior to Tokyo”? LOL, thats the funniest thing I’ve read today. I’m salivating over the tacoyaki’s though, looks very tasty.

  6. i am now thinking that i should have my wife seriously consider opening a takoyaki shop in the bay area!!! looks like so much of a good thing to do… oh and also i love your work… keep up the good imaginary journeys…


  7. Hello Sir/Madam,

    How are you?

    You have written 300cc. What does “cc” means? How much would that be in terms of cup measurements? Could I use water instead?


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