nippon no musume.


it’s a true story.
drawn for the sleepless goat show in 2005.


it’s probably impossible to tell the fact that i was actually tanned thoroughly after our 14-day-hitchhiking trip in japan. but a makeup artist put a LOT of white powder to conceal my tanned face for this special occasion – japanese traditional wedding.
covered with the heavy white kimonos and three-inch-thick powder, japanese brides might look tame. don’t be fooled. there’s a short sword hiding inside of the kimonos. japanese brides are ready to fight for unexpected emergencies to protect their families.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

7 thoughts on “nippon no musume.”

  1. ROFL!!!!
    Yuka, you’re soooo funny!!!
    You really had me laughing loudly at my desk when I read what you wrote with your drawing of the “Traditional Japanese Bride”!

    I think you managed to get in every possible stereotype that people think about Japanese!!!

    Thank you for brightening up my Monday morning!

  2. Hahaha!
    Yes, of course, we do! Why, not a day goes by when I don’t have one of those delicious raw octopus and peanut butter sandwiches!
    My favorite dessert has to be Salmon Roe cheesecake. Mmmm…Yummy! Well, enough talk about food…I’m late for my shinobi training class…and you know how Hattori-sensei hates it when students are late!

  3. mmm. salmon roe cheese cake. extra crunch!

    wow,cool. shinobi training! can you run on the water? i want to throw shuriken.

    yes, i totally know what you mean. i used to belong to kendo club. sensei was so KIBISHII(strict). he made us run or push-ups whenever we broke rules.
    he told us to read the opponent’s breathing and empty our minds. 無、無、無。めーん!

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