misfortune of my tasty blood


why me? it’s only mid-may and i’ve already got a mosquito bite, on my palm, right in the centre. it’s itchy. and it makes me shiver to think that this is just the first bite, with thousands more yet to come. you see, i’m doomed — mosquitoes simply adore me.

no matter where i go, the mosquitoes find me. i’ve been bitten literally 50 times in a single evening, even though i had the full protection of a long-sleeve shirt and an entire bottle of mosquito repellant. they bit through my shirt and socks. one time, i got bitten on my eyelid while i was awake, with my eyes open. how they got in there is a mystery. mosquitoes love me so much that they ignore anyone else in the area. paul says he never has to wear mosquito repellant when i’m around, since they’re all going to be biting me anyway.

when i was little, my parents would leave the windows open at night during the summer. we preferred to sleep with a fresh breeze, not an air conditioner. the problem was, of course, mosquitoes. they had easy access to my bedroom. they hung around my ears a lot, buzzing. i did my best to hit them hard, but in vain. i’d light some mosquito repellant incense, but it never helped. i couldn’t sleep. i’d stay up until dawn looking at the dark mountains and the empty streets, the smell of the incense mixing with the cool night air. this could have been romantic, but the mosquitoes would. not. stop. bothering. me. i hate them all.

when i moved to canada, i spent a year in winnipeg. i’d already been informed that winnipeg is a mosquito town. perfect. as expected, i got bitten all over with no mercy. my reaction to the bites was worse than it was in japan. the canadian mosquitoes are fierce.

so why do mosquitoes love me so much? one theory is that i am very tasty. some japanese scientists claim that mosquitoes choose their meals based on blood type, preferring O > B > AB > A. i’m a B-blood-type person. so are my mom and my brother, but they don’t attract mosquitoes like i do. so my tastiness must be more individual. it’s my bad luck to be delicious.
summer is coming. i don’t want to be an ‘all-you-can-eat asian buffet’ for canadian mosquitoes again this year. i need to find better protection!

sing-along! (lyrics from here):

Bzzzzzzzz !
Ne tuez plus les moustiques avec des claques sur vos joues (AYE),
des claques sur vos cuisses (OUILLE OUILLE OUILLE),
des claques sur vos bras (AYE).


Super timor est encore plus fort avec sa nouvelle formule “Super Timor”
Le temps de sentir l’odeur Super Timor, les insectes son déjà mort “Super Timor”.
Super Timor avec sa nouvelle formule, Vraiment vraiment plus fort.

Super timor, le Numero un

en anglais (translated by paul):

don’t kill mosquitoes with slaps on your cheeks, slaps on your thigh, slaps on your arms
Super Timor is here!
Super Timor is even stronger, with its new formula (Super Timor)
When they smell the odor of Super Timor, the insects are already dead (Super Timor)
Super Timor, with its new formula. Really, really stronger!
Super Timor, Super Timor!
Number one!

download the video (windows media).

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “misfortune of my tasty blood”

  1. hahahahahahah all you can eat asian buffet. hahaha YUKA! where have you been all my life? staying out of trouble? i hope you’re doing well. working? art? good then. take care

  2. yay! shanna. i’ve been indulging myself in working on my drawings. this is literally the first time in my life to be able to do that. i’m happy & loving it.

  3. Merci beaucoup pour la traduction de la publicité super timor, je suis étudiant de francais et j’avais besoin pour mon examen jejeje
    Thanks a lot for the traduction of super timor commercial, again, hehe. When i search in google takes me direct to your site. I dont like the mousquitos neither, but they dont bother me as they do with you.
    But remmenber, thats the reason why Super Timor exist… mmm but only en africa… hehe

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