art recipe: elephant head

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it’s grey and cold in saskatoon today. so i decided to draw something grey. an elephant!

this is my second time trying to draw an elephant. my first try was in first grade, when i drew two elephants, mother and baby (smiling at me, i was in the picture too). those elephants didn’t fit on the paper. for some reason, i won a school prize for that drawing.
since then, i’ve learned to keep my elephants on the paper. my brother taught me to colour inside the lines by moving the pencil in small circles. i still use that trick.

this elephant’s head is wrinkled and slightly sad. for this drawing, i’m wearing the elephant head as a mask, or maybe a helmet (i got it as a birthday present). i’m drinking orange juice through the elephant head.

i haven’t decided on a title yet.

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UPDATE: it’s called “tough skin, juicy heart

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “art recipe: elephant head”

  1. i really admire you because you are too good in drawing.. do you take any or in drawing? or it’s just your inborn talent and you just developed it through practicing..

    anyway, why don’t you try selling your art works.. you are really good so i’m sure there are lot of people their that interested to buy some of your work if they see it..

    i hope you can share us again some of your paintings!


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