May 2006

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colour pencils and paper*mate ballpoint pen on manila envelope.

i drew this on the street when i was selling stuff at the fringe festivals last summer in saskatoon.
i ran out of paper and all i had were the envelopes. so i used them.

it was strange to watch the flood of people passing by.
and i was just sitting still.

maybe that’s what people see before they die.


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i’m one of the residents.


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i drew this fish when i was addicted to lines in 2004.

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(click the image to view close up)

that’s correct. maximum team power duck has “power” glued on its chest. i cut letters out freehand and used a gluegun to attach them.

it wasn’t such a great idea to use a hot gluegun, though. those letters were thin and floppy. i burnt my fingers badly.

but it was worth it. because it shows clearly how powerful maximum team power duck is!

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