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tomorrow is canada day! it’s time to celebrate. get down with this man with the great hair all day today, so you can reach the climax tomorrow. let’s party!

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postcard of this photo is available in my online SHOP.

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freshly drawn since last night. the japanese writing says “happy solo muscle knitting”. i have a good time playing alone.

i took more photos last night. but most of them turned out blurry. when i draw, i guess i don’t blink as often as i should so my eyes get dry. therefore my contacts get dry too. i couldn’t see very well.

i have very bad eyesight. right -7.0 and left -6.8. it’s sometime nice to see things blurrily, especially at night. neon lights look very beautiful when i see them without my contacts on. but that’s maybe not a good idea when it comes to taking photos.

UPDATE: you can buy a print of this drawing, or a postcard, from my SHOP.

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cafe at home – to turn my apartment kitchen into my own cafe is one of my on-going project called “turn everything around you cute and fun” project. i love cafe-life, why not making it at home? i used to go to cafe a lot in japan. “cafe culture” in kyoto is lovely. there are hundreds of cafes in kyoto alone – from nostalgic to contemporary ones.  my favorite was cafe soiree. founded in 1948, cafe soiree resides humbly by the river takase. the cafe is lit only with blue lights. there’s no music playing, just blue lights and fragrance of roasted coffee. quiet. that’s one of the places i like to stay forever. i wanted to create the atmosphere in my apartment.

at our cafe at home, i cook and paul chooses music.

i like dining out at restaurants but after the easy consumption, sometimes i’m left with vanity. by creating something together at home, everyday life becomes much more fun.


recipe: quinoa pilaf with cranberries

  • 1 cup quinoa, rince well and remove any debris
  • 1 3/4 cup water
  • 1 TB margarine
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 tsp lemon zest
  • 2 TB fresh parsley, minced
  • 1/2 TB dried thyme
  • 2 TB green onion, sliced
  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
  • s + p
  • dash soy sauce
  • dash olive oil
  1. place rinsed quinoa in a large non-stick saucepan and toast, until it darkens slightly.
  2. add to boiling water, cover, reduce the heat and simmer about 20 mins.
  3. in another skillet, heat olive oil; add onion and garlic; and cook until tender. add cranberries.
  4. stir in cooked quinoa, lemon zest, thyme, parsley, pumpkinseeds; add margarine, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

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vermillion pleasure night is a japanese tv show directed by yoshimasa ishibashi, avant-garde director from kyoto, japan. vermilion pleasure night is an omnibus show, which was aired on tv tokyo on sunday midnight starting 2000. once again, yoshimoto kogyo, the king of comedy agency produced it. the show became a huge hit throughout japan. it’s kitschy and full of dark humour. i love it. now the shows are available on dvd. now i can watch them in north america! banza~i.

this “utau 6-nin no onna” is one of his short films. the title means “six women, who sing”. it sounds better in japanese. i like the use of kanji for “utau (sing)”. there are five ways of writing “utau” in kanji – 歌う 謡う 詠う 謳う 唄う. the first “歌う” is to sing from your throat rhythmically. the second “謡う” is to sing by developing your voice with melody. the third “詠う” is to sing / read a poem. the fourth is to sing in a suppressed voice with intonation as you bend your body. the last one, “唄う” is a transliteration from Sanskrit. it’s used when anything non-human creates a pleasant sound or beautiful voice. for example, “a bird sings” or ” a stream sings”. when it’s used in a noun form, it means folk song. for the title of this piece, the choice is the last one, “唄う”. it gives a nostalgic tone to this piece, yet this whole thing is absolutely modern. i love the ambivalence. it’s post-post modern.

i’m a slave for this sort of languid ambiance. i just think he’s brilliant.

i persistantly continue to wash
stain, i can’t get rid of
my fingers, cracked and swollen
my fingers, stung by cold water

on a windy day like this, my clothes might be blown away
but a warm day will come
a bright day will come


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we’re just the same meat.

freshly drawn last night – another happy midnight drawing.

i meant to stop more often to take photos of the drawing to capture the progress. but i forgot. so this is my rough chop art recipe.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.

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they are all handstitched freehand. “severe pain” is written on their heads in kanji. the heads are attached to a wristband, so you can wear them on your wrist. i didn’t cut a buttonhole yet, so you can adjust the wristband to your size.

i handstitch pretty much everything i make. i like the work but sometimes it causes shoulder pain and boredom. so i thought i should give this pain to something else. that way, i can stay painless!!

i made an original version about six months ago. the first batch looked pathetic. but this time, they gained power. they all look like they’re really in severe pain. only one exception: the orange one is smiling, so he looks like he’s enjoying the pain. well, that’s good too.

this severe pain pin cushion will help keep your sewing time happy and pain-free. for sale as soon as my shop is ready…

*UPDATE* now you can buy this severe pain pin cushions in my online SHOP.

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on a gloomy day like today, i go on a psycho-trip back to japan.
turn my apartment into a lounge. a lounge at home.

i love my apartment life.

(pizzicato five)

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“pala pala” means to flip in japanese. this is “yuka’s doomed day 2″. it looks like i’m still doomed. again, the size is 6 x 6 cm. it weighs about 50g.

to read the whole stupid story of mine, you can click the images below and the large image will show up in the lightbox. you can click the arrow on the right side of the image to flip the pages of the book. pala pala pala…

these pala-pala books are for sale on my online SHOP.

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hello businessmen in the world. it’s 8 pm (SMT = Saskatoon Meridian Time) sunday night. i’m sure you had an exquisite time away from your companies over the weekend. but time is ticking by. tomorrow is Monday. that’s right, it’s almost time to go back to work!!! we have less than 12 hours to prepare. are you ready? are you really ready?

with these exercise lessons for businessmen, not only will you be fully prepared, you’ll be guaranteed to successfully climb up the career ladder. put on your best suit and tie. let’s go!

(my translation from japanese):

- i’ll introduce to you some exercises that are very useful in various situations encountered by businessmen. using the latest in businessman engineering, let’s enjoy exercising! here are my assistants:

“ i’m kohjiroh yamamoto.”
“ i’m yoshihiro fujita.”
“ i’m michihiko kamakura. let’s enjoy exercising together.”

- the pianist is mr. satoshi ishibuchi. (wave)

lesson one: greetings

- the first exercise is fundamental for all businessmen: greetings. let’s begin with a basic greeting.
relax your shoulders and straighten your back. bend forward 30 degrees.

“someone’s coming from the right. oh, someone else is coming from the left.”

- the next exercise is how to greet your important clients. cross your hands lightly at the front. show your heart as you bow. it’s fine as long as you look like you’re bowing sincerely.

“oh, a client’s coming from behind! don’t be flurried. stay calm. just act quickly.”

- the next exercise is greeting your boss. let’s change the angle of your bowing depending on the boss’s title. let’s go!

“assistant manager, section manager, general manager.”
“30 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.”
“again, assistant manager, section manager, general manager. now, their titles get even higher!”

“managing director, executive director and president! you might as well roll over!”
“again, managing director, executive director and president! you hardly ever meet the president. it’s important to give him a good impression.”

- this is the last exercise. this is a greeting when you see someone you know at a distance. don’t pretend not to notice. let’s greet them!

“oh! you’ve noticed two people you know at a distance, simultaneously. choose one of them and bow. once in a while, you won’t be able to make eye contact. don’t worry, just bow. greeting is all you need to worry about.”

“ now you’ve noticed them and they’re even farther away. wave wildly and give a big phony smile. it’s pointless unless they notice you. the key point is to have the courage to overdo it.”

“ well then, do your best at work tomorrow.”

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