up with broadway art encounter

good morning. i guess it’s already afternoon.

i put up my drawings at broadway shoe repair yesterday. i was so relieved, tired and happy that i couldn’t get to sleep until 5 am.

i’m one of many artists showing work in stores on broadway as part of the broadway art encounter. i’m very happy to be able to take part in this event. the businesses on broadway have generously turned their stores into galleries. it’s a nice way to integrate art into everyday life. i’m lucky to be showing at al’s store, broadway shoe repair. he’s a great guy, with a love for art. he displays his friends’ and employees’ artwork in his store on an everyday basis.

also at broadway shoe repair, a great photographer, john conway, is showing his amazing landscape photographs of saskatchewan. they’re spectacular. he’s recently published a book, which you can purchase at the show. i’m planning to send a copy to my parents in japan.

i’m selling art prints, posters and a few originals. if you’d like to purchase any, please contact me or leave your contact info at the store. i’ll drop by the store this afternoon. also, i made some postcards for this show, featuring my elephant and giraffe drawings. please take them home with you and enjoy.

i’ll upload a photo from broadway shoe repair later tonight. until then, here are thumbnails of the drawings i’m showing. click the small images to go to the original post where i showed the drawing.

some of the images are available as prints and postcards in my online SHOP.

Author: yuka

can you see this?