kahimi karie – i’m a kitten

thanks to the magical site ‘youtube‘, i can access many music videos from japan. when i was in japan, i didn’t pay much attention to japanese singers. i was always interested in music scenes from overseas. i didn’t have many japanese singers that i liked. but kahimi karie was different. she’s one of my favorite japanese singers. kahimi karie began her career as a music photographer. her musical talent was discovered by her then-boyfriend, oyamada keigo (cornelius) when he asked her to sing with a band on his friend’s label. her first EP came out in 1992. she instantly became a ye-ye girl in shibuya. she is one of the “shibuya kei” musicians. she also collaborates with other musicians including the scottish artist, momus. currently she resides in paris. her sensual + innocent voice melts my heart. my autumn level goes up rapidly in my body. i’m deeply in nostalgia…

Author: yuka

can you see this?