pala pala red – yuka’s doomed life / day 1

“pala pala book” means a flip book. pala pala is the sound of flipping in japanese. i always wanted to make a tiny book. the size of the book is about 6 x 6 (cm). there are 41 pages. this book is called “yuka’s doomed life / day 1″. it comes with a red cover. this series will continue in different colours as long as i’m doomed. so far, i made day 1 in red and day 2 in yellow.

to read the whole stupid story of mine, you can click the images below and the large image will show up in the lightbox. you can click the arrow on the right side of the image to flip the pages of the book. pala pala pala…

i got carried away… i made 10 more books today. it was a tedious job, but i was content. i like looking at a lot of the same tiny things in a row. the more, the better…

these pala-pala books are for sale in my online SHOP.

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  1. Catherine Smith’s avatar

    hey I love the look of the pala pala red book, I am currently doing project for n assignment and I am creating flip book I was just wondering how you binded and created the book?


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