hard gay: social improvement (hooo!)

this man is called razor ramon HG. he became very popular as HG on a tv comedy show called Baku Ten in 2005. his catch phrase “hooooooooooooo!” received an award for the the new and popular word award in 2005. he used to belong to a major comedy company, yoshimoto kogyo in osaka.

when i first stumbled upon hard gay video clips a couple weeks ago, i thought my face would turn inside out by laughing so hard. i watched probably 5 or 6 episodes that night. he’s hilarious.

it might be hard to appreciate how funny the way he talks is with english subtitles. he speaks formally in a passionate manner. he’s very sincere, i think.

for making the world harder, gayer, and better in every way. hoooooooo!

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “hard gay: social improvement (hooo!)”

  1. Yuka, you got heat!

    “say say say say say, HOOoooooooo!”

    Yeah, this guy is absolutely sick! lol


  2. “saysaysaysay SAY HOOOOOO” to you too :D

    この人すごいよね~ いろんな意味で。でも腰痛注意
    このネタだけで芸人人生歩むのかな?チャーリー浜みたいに。ちょっと辛いかもね ははは~ 
    あ ”チャリのブルース”みたよ~ ”ぷっ”って笑っちゃった 夜中にみたら 更に面白いかもね。

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