inseparable (art recipe video)

i thought it’d be fun to capture how i colour my drawings. i held my digital camera in my left hand, at about cheek level, and recorded part of my colouring. i was listening to superpitcher (“tell me about it”, from kompakt total 6). it was a bit awkward to hold the camera while drawing, but i think it worked out okay.

for a happy colouring afternoon.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.

(click the image to view close up)

prints and postcard of this drawings are for sale on my online SHOP.

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  1. yuki’s avatar

    that’s very nice! i couldn’t have figured out that you used so many different colors on the skin. i did a same video-tape the drawing thing once, but it got way too dull i need to find a video editing software to fast-forward through all to be viewable!

  2. Mayu’s avatar

    the video was so interesting! I was in fact wondering how is you drawing process with coloured pencils like, because at first I couldn’t believe that many of you drawing were done with coloured pencils.
    I liked the music as well!

  3. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    yuki chan:
    thanks! i use a whole lot of colours. this is just a beginning…
    happy studying in london!!!

    mayu chan:
    thanks! colour pencils are magical :D
    oh great. there’s new one called “total 7″. you should check it out!
    thanks for the card, mayu-chan :)

  4. Caitlin O'Connor’s avatar

    WONDERFUL! it’s always fascinating to me to watch other artists at work – coloured pencil is such a long process, and you do it so beautifully.

  5. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    oh, thank you.  that’s so nice of you.
    yes, it takes a long time… sometimes my right hand looks like it wants to run away. i’m bribing her nice colour pencils to keep her interested.
    so far, it’s working :D

  6. Rafaela’s avatar

    This is a really nice thing to show! Thanks for sharing such interesting part of you….

  7. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    thank you, rafaela!
    actually it was my first time to actually watch how i draw. i didn’t realize i move and colour all over the place!!

  8. alex’s avatar

    Miss Yuka,

    first,congratulation and happy belated birthday for ur baby boy..
    i love your drawing a lot, and the way u colour !
    i get know of you when i read “MILK” and i bought 5 copies of that
    issue cos of your article in there..hah..

    all the best,
    Alex from malaysia

    p/s: will u mind if i post ur works in my blog to show my frens?
    ( i think they will crazy abt ur creation,cos u ROCK!! =D)

  9. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    wow. five copies – that’s very sweet… thank you so much :)
    i’m very very touched.

    yes, you are more than welcomed to post my drawings to your blog. let me know when you post it :)

  10. alex’s avatar

    i ald posted them quite a while..forgot to let u knw..take e look when u’re free k? thankss miss Yuka..anyway..keep it up! ure my idol..

  11. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    i went to check your blog. thanks alex – so sweet.


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