dj kentaro + electric-shamisen kinoshita

dj kentaro won the Technics DMC World DJ Final in 2002. he was only 20 years old. since then, he was signed to british independant record label, ninja tune.

on coming-of-age day in 2005, he collaborated with tsugaru-jamisen national champion, kinoshita shinichi.

tradition is new. tradition evolves. tradition is extraordinary.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “dj kentaro + electric-shamisen kinoshita”

  1. this was so amazing!!! i loved it.

    ninja tune knows where the good stuff is. i’m a pretty big fan of bonobo, although i missed him when he came around these parts because i had to stinkin’ work! hahahahhaa

    your drawings are delicious by the way. i’ve probably said that before, heh.

  2. oh, cool. glad you liked it!
    i’m addicted to this and watch it every day… hahaha
    i think your company should give all employees “ninja tune” day off, paid holiday of course :D
    thanks for your kind comment on my drawing :)

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