the upper hand (art recipe)

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finally finished… i’m happy but my right hand is whining a little. well, it’s a tough luck to be born as a right hand attached to me. she has to work for me more and more. luckily, my left hand seems to know better…

it was a long day. i spent most of the time colouring the lobster. i found a photo of a lobster on google image. my desk is right next to my computer desk. so i was switching back and forth from my desk chair to the computer desk chair to check the colours and so on. the movement was exactly like a crab. i’m a cancerian. that explains a lot about my crabwise movement :D

i use a kneeling chair when i draw. as the ad exclaims, “sit up straight and you’ll feel great!”. i might not be as cheerful as the model on the photo when i sit on the chair, but it certainly helps especially when i draw for a looooong time.

UPDATE: you can buy a postcard of this drawing from my SHOP.

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