the upper hand (art recipe)

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finally finished… i’m happy but my right hand is whining a little. well, it’s a tough luck to be born as a right hand attached to me. she has to work for me more and more. luckily, my left hand seems to know better…

it was a long day. i spent most of the time colouring the lobster. i found a photo of a lobster on google image. my desk is right next to my computer desk. so i was switching back and forth from my desk chair to the computer desk chair to check the colours and so on. the movement was exactly like a crab. i’m a cancerian. that explains a lot about my crabwise movement :D

i use a kneeling chair when i draw. as the ad exclaims, “sit up straight and you’ll feel great!”. i might not be as cheerful as the model on the photo when i sit on the chair, but it certainly helps especially when i draw for a looooong time.

UPDATE: you can buy a postcard of this drawing from my SHOP.

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Author: yuka

can you see this?

5 thoughts on “the upper hand (art recipe)”

  1. That’s pretty sweet. I really really like the attention to detail on the lobster.

    Have you considered buying a wacom tablet or a tablet pc. I think with photoshop you could do some pretty crazy stuff. For instance you could overlay the lobster image and then color it in the way you want using the wacom tablet. Would cut down on your crab walk, and would perhaps feel less natural but I would be interested in seeing what you came up with.

    /just my 2 cents

    btw… I love your blog

  2. pm:
    nice to see you here, mate :)

    hi james, happy to see you here!

    the tools you mentioned sound very interesting. photoshop is a fun tool, isn’t it!
    right now, i’m still teaching myself to look and to draw, AND crabwalk :D
    in the future, i’d like to try some computer work. sounds like a lot of fun!

    have you use the tools before?

  3. Hey!
    Do you use Twitter? I’d like too follow you if that
    would be okay. I’m derinitely enjoying your blog and loopk forward to new posts.

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