7 thoughts on “let’s go to market”

  1. hehehe

    i enjoyed that quite a bit:)

    you know, it makes me think of another video about sushi restaurant etiquette, you migth’ve seen it already, it’s pretty great/funny.

  2. this looks like a scene from イカレスラー(english title: “calamari wrestler”). i have heard of the movie but not yet seen it. this summer i am researching a book about octopus, so i am down with all things cephalopod.

  3. now i have reminded myself of a japanese artist who staged a performance piece in spain (madrid?) called “minotaur versus sea monster”. a person in a minotaur costume fought a battle with a person in an octopus-like costume on the street outside of the gallery. the sea monster won. another artist made a video of a sight-seeing trip which he took with a live octopus. the rest of the octopus art which i have come across was less interesting than this.

  4. i’m not reading a tako-book–i’m collecting information so that the professor i work for can write one. it will be called “octopus” and it’s one of a series of books about the cultural history of certain animals (published by reaktion books in the u.k.). other books in the series include “rat”, “snake”, “tortoise”, “ant”, etc. thanks so much for the photo of the octopus balloon! maybe it can be an illustration in the book. i’ve been to akashi many times (via the “tako ferry” from awaji) , but i’ve never seen the balloon. どうも!

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