group show: rooms for changing

(postcard — click to see closeup)

my show is up at the art project gallery! i went down to regina on sunday to put up my drawings. i’m pretty happy with how everything looks.

rooms for changing is a group show involving 7 artists. each does a solo show for a week, and there are collaborative pieces that we’ll all be contributing to. i’m showing in the second week (august 13 – 19) of the show.

the theme for the show is a lifecycle: birth to death, creation to destruction. each artist gets a different part of the cycle. my theme is childhood / adolescence. most of my drawings feature school children (although the childlike chracters in my drawings aren’t necessarily children). and quite a bit of my work involves transformations and cycles. so it works out pretty well.

this is the final show at the art project gallery. the gallery was opened by a local artist, robert bos. the first show there was called “changing rooms”, so the title of this show makes sort of a loop. i’m very happy to be a part of it.

i’m showing mostly new stuff, drawn since my show at phonographique in february. you can see them in my gallery, in regina group show. there is also a collection of new smaller drawings, most of which i haven’t shown on the website yet. the smaller drawings are for sale.

there will be an open reception saturday august 19th, starting at 7pm. please come by if you can.

art project gallery
1217 15th avenue, regina
open 1~5pm daily

see you there!

Author: yuka

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5 thoughts on “group show: rooms for changing”

  1. i wish i could go see!
    can’t wait for your shop to be up.. i can buy all the cute things i’m too lazy to make =)

  2. Congratulations Yuka-san!!
    I’m so happy to know that you are now involved in such a group of artists. I wish I could come see you there… Hope many people will come and be exposed to your world!!

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