meta bombed

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kon’nichiwa to my new visitors. my blog got linked from metafilter last night, and a couple of thousand people have stopped by already. at first, the site crashed, because i’m not used to so much attention. it took awhile to get back up. paul has turned off the lightbox pop-up effect and the flickr gallery plugin, and now things are working better.

i love the way my drawings were described in the metafilter link: “she has a way of making flayed flesh disturbingly cute.” “disturbingly cute” is the best compliment i can ask for. one of my friends on flickr, motocchio-chan, described my drawings as “guro-kawaii” (grotesquely cute). that was a good one too.

i had a good laugh reading the thread on metafilter. some people wanted a “NSFW (not safe for work)” flag in the post title, because some of my drawings show nipples. i don’t have a job, so i have no idea what’s safe for work these days. obviously, some people have issues with some body parts like, THE NIPPLES.

i’ve had this sort of excitement before. once my submission got rejected by a local public gallery due to the possibility that parents might be offended if their children saw my drawings. i guess it’s always wise to predict what people might feel and take precautions in advance, right? anyway, that precious experience inspired me to slice off my offensive body parts and soak them in bleach (warning, might be NSFW because of nipples that aren’t attached to a body anymore). in the end, the metafilter post about me was tagged “mildly NSFW”. i’m almost disappointed — might as well be “strongly” not safe.

hmm, maybe this is also “mildly NSFW” for its hallucinating effect…

anyway, welcome to my mildly controversial website. the blog has my drawings, pages from my amigurumi storybook, and some of my experimental cooking. there are some longer posts where i’m trying to be funny — don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense. since the gallery plugin isn’t working, my temporary “gallery” is my flickr photoset page. we’re working on setting up a shop, but it won’t be ready for another month or so. i’ll be selling smaller originals, prints, postcards, palapala (flip) books, and some of my useless toys. you can read about me on the “about the author” page.

enjoy your visit! irasshaimase!

UPDATE: this is my self portrait, age 17. it’s the new header image for this blog. and i’ve made prints of this drawing, available in my SHOP.

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