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this song is called “let’s walk looking up” (“ue o muite arukou”). it was re-titled “sukiyaki” in the west because it was easier to pronounce. i guess it could have been “teriyaki” or “wasabi” for convenience. after all, life is all about food for japanese people. super terrific idea! i’d like to carry on this tradition and rename an american song for the japanese market. maybe “love me tender” will be more popular with its new title: “bacon double cheeseburger“.

let’s walk looking up
so my tears won’t fall
i recall, one spring day
a lonesome night

let’s walk looking up
counting the blurry stars
i recall, one summer day
a lonesome night

happiness is above the clouds
happiness is above the sky

let’s walk looking up
so my tears won’t fall
i walk as i cry
a lonesome night

i recall, one autumn night
a lonesome night

sorrow to the shadow of the stars
sorrow to the shadow of the moon

let’s walk looking up
so my tears won’t fall
i walk as i cry
a lonesome night

a lonesome night

(my translation from original song in japanese)

lyrics by ei rokusuke 6
music by nakamura hachidai 8

kyu-chan (sakamoto kyu) was killed in an airplane crash in 1985. he was only 44.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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  1. スキヤキというのははじめて日本え行った時の前、両親はこの歌をよく覚えたことだけで日本の文化がわかっていた。関西に泊まった。何度もなつかしい感じある。絵以外、さびしくするサイト。でも絵がおもしろい。あひるは頭にミ水をかけたら風をひきやすい。あぶない。

  2. Funny you should mention cheeseburgers. In Australia this song was used in a Hungry Jacks (our equivalent of Burger King) commercial. It’s sad when people’s lives are tragically cut short. The crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin was also 44 when he died last week.

  3. >アンディくん

    >cody kun
    thanks for your comment.
    yeah, i agree. 6 + 8 + 9 forever.

    >kat san
    oh really? interesting combination…
    yeah, i read about the crocodile hunter guy. too young… so sad.

  4. I had this song in my head for a week and I come here and you have put it up. I think you are in my head. LOVE your site :)

  5. hello yukafan :D
    that’s a sweet coincidence!

    i have multiple heads besides my original head, so one of them must have been fled into your mind :)
    it was nice to visit you :)

  6. Oh my god… I been hearing this song for years without knowing what it was or the lyrical content. Thanks!

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