hey candy pants, let’s climb the ladder of romance!

candy pants~ candy pants~
oh sugar britches, you got my nerves in stitches…
candy pants, you.make.my.heart.do.a.breakdance!
candy pants, oh, candy pants~

Lionel Davis sings “candy pants” from his album “I Got the Mack in the Sack.”

…subliminal. i almost laughed to death when i found out that this man is also a minister – exclusively a minister of sobriety. amazing. i love this type of tv shows with delicious mediocrities. this one particularly hit my spot.

i used to watch the quebec music channel called “musiqueplus” in kingston. my favorite show, called “dollaraclip”, featured incredibly rare and weird music videos – treasures so to speak. they were called dollaraclips because they all looked like they were made for one dollar. the host was a comedian, louis-jose houde. he spoke very very fast in french, so i couldn’t understand him, but it still sounded funny to me. plus, he’s quite cute and stylish in that montreal way.

it’s still only wednesday. i hope everyone can spend the rest of the week happy with this song in mind.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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  1. OMG. I used to watch that show on Musiqueplus too and would laugh my guts out. The videos and the host were so funny. I couldn’t remember the name of the show or the host and searched the net and found this comment from you. Thanks for reminding me!

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