“nothing brings me more happiness when someone i love knows my sweet spot.”

that’s what i thought when paul brought me this spam museum brochure as a omiyage (souvenir) from his annual football trip to minneapolis.

i like this sort of present. probably he came across this brochure somewhere and picked it up because he knows i’ll like this sort of thing.

(click the image to view close up)

this brochure for the austin (minnesota) spam museum promises hours of SPAMUSEMENT for the whole family. you can try out spam dishes, put on a lab coat and hairnet to make your own spam, and many other SPAMTASTIC exhibits. the whole brochure is written like that. it’s SPAMAZING! (sorry)

i’m very curious what’s in spam, exactly. i’ve never eaten it, or even opened a can. but everytime i walk down the spam aisle there’s a strong urge growing inside me to reach out and buy a can. but i can’t. i can eat a can of tuna, but a can of pork? that’s a whole new world, my friend. the catchy design always brings back the strong urge to just buy one and get it over with. my curiosity continues.

(click the image to view close up)

besides this new addition to my spam collection, i also own a mini spam cookbook. i found it at a indigo bookstore in kingston. there were bunch of them scattered in a sales wagon AS IF no one would want them.

this “spam the cookbook” is a SPAMALGAMATION of recipes: spam casserole, spam macaroni & cheese, spam clam chowder and spamusubi (sushi). basically just by adding a can of spam, an ordinary dish turns into (bam!) a spam dish! how magical. can you feel the power of spam?

well, someday when i finally have the guts to buy one and actually open it, at least i know what to do with it. i’ll make spam-takoyaki!

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  1. char’s avatar

    try spam musubi! so good~

  2. vee’s avatar

    i always feel a horrified fascination for this kind of “cooking”. i like to look at the kraft kitchens cookbooks which are in the same vein–one jar of cheez whiz, a package of lime jello, a can of spam, an onion, and a bucket of cool whip= dinner for five! reading these things makes me feel a little dirty.

  3. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    really? i’ll put that on my spam-list then :D

    >vee chan
    at least they use a fresh vegetable…onion. eventually we’ll all be made of chemicals…with an onion head.


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