September 2006

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i thought…

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…you were my friend…

colour pencil drawing on paper (9 x 12″). this original drawing will be for sale on my online shop. the writing on the left says the same thing in japanese. it’s written in the real japanese: kansai dialect.

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i love me

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don’t we all…?

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i found a pretty shop called “paper umbrella” in regina. the owner is very friendly. he sells pretty japanese paper as well as other stylish kitschy items. i bought a tiny japanese notebook made by kokuyo. it’s only 4 x 2 3/4″. of course, i bought a white one :)

among other things, i bought a bag of scrap japanese paper. i don’t make scrapbooks, but i can’t help being attracted by the idea of “scraps” – the useless and unwanted, full of imperfection. they could have been thrown away, but now they are with me. these strips of paper on only about 2-3cm wide. they’re the cutoff ends of bigger sheets of paper. i arranged the strips side by side, and took a photo of them. now they’re on my blog.

in a similar way, i find $1 store items very attractive. most of the stuff sold in dollar stores is, as you know, real junk. but some it is still very attractive to me. these cheap consumer goods weren’t made to be perfect. the workers were probably paid unfairly and had no time to make their products look good at all. but sometimes, their nonchalant efforts make a delicious item. for example, this emergency raincoat. i don’t know why they made this — i don’t even understand the concept of this design. and why is the guy running? but for some reason, this just looked delicious. i had to have it. now it sits on my desk in front of me.

someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure.

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yep yep!

i knew it! we need to learn uchuu-jin lingo to communicate with martians!

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i’m finally getting my shop together. along with other things, i’m making prints of some of my favorite drawings. paul and i made a lightbox and took high-resolution digital photos of the drawings. my drawings are all figures against an empty background, since i don’t like to draw backgrounds (when you look at someone you love, you don’t see the background anyway). so paul erased the image of the plain paper, leaving the figures against a white or a pale neutral background.

if you’ve seen my one of my drawing videos, you know that i use lots of different color pencils, even just to make a skin color. you can’t really see the all the details online, even in the larger images. the new prints will be made from image files that are 15-20 times larger than the biggest files i put up online. it’s still not quite real life, but you can actually see the different colors coming together.

you can click this image to see a full-size crop (360K file):

i had some trial prints made at a local print shop. they’re using pigment inks on heavy (285 gram) watercolor paper. the inks are UV inks that are supposed to last 100 years without fading (how do they know that?), and the paper is acid-free. i’m making prints in 3 sizes: small (8.5×11″), medium (11×14″) and large (16×20″). the large prints are about the same size as the originals.

everything will be an open edition, because i want as many people as possible to see my work, and the originals for these are not for sale. these are really digital reproductions, not handmade art prints, so i don’t plan to charge too much. they’ll all be signed by me.

i got some sample prints on friday, and i’m very happy with the result. the larger prints are especially nice to look at. it’s nice to be able to look closely at my drawing images without worrying about damaging the originals. i’m always a bit nervous about that.

i’m planning to sell prints online in my shop, and also in person in saskatoon. next saturday (september 9) is the broadway street fair, and i’ve been invited to set up a table to show my work. one week later (september 16), i’m taking part in another street festival, called “the edge”, on 20th street. since it’s called “the edge”, i’m thinking about making my hair stand up on end for that day.

come out and see me if you can!

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