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finally finished today.

i wasn’t sure what was going on exactly with this drawing while i was drawing it. i just added whatever images came to mind. even after i finished, i still don’t really know what’s going on. that’s the way i usually work. most of my drawings have just a couple of figures on a blank background. this time, i continued adding things on one sheet of paper and placed them in a landscape. i wish i had a bigger paper. i could have kept going.

a couple of weeks ago, i invited a local artist, dave geary to my apartment for coffee. we’ll be doing a show together next spring at a gallery in saskatoon. so we get together sometimes to talk about what we would like to do. i’m so glad and lucky to be able to do a show with him.

dave told me about a game called “exquisite corpse“. we played the game over coffee. it was fun. you never know what the result will be.

that game must have been at the back of my mind when i did this drawing. i was playing the game by myself. i didn’t fold the drawing paper. but i imagined my mind being folded. every time i opened the skin of my mind, random images showed up. i just placed the images on paper.

my mind is quite random. my mind is everywhere, so i don’t make much sense when i talk. but for some reason, it all makes sense on paper.

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