new blog design

my blog used to look like this.

over the last couple of days, my blog has been getting make-over. paul has been working to make it look prettier and easier for people to browse through.

i just love+love this design. baby blue is my favorite color, and i like the hints of orange and green. there’s more white space and the whole thing just looks so much brighter and more fun.

this new design is going to be the theme for some new features that are going to be added to this site in the next week or so: an online shop and a new gallery. the tabs at the top left will take you to the different zones of this website once the new areas are ready.

here are some of the new features on the blog:

  • archives page: this is a live archives page that organizes blog posts by date and by category. the post titles are shown in a list so it’s easier to find one post or get an overview of the contents.
  • tag cloud: along with the category list, we added tags. i’ll be adding more tags to my old posts so the tag cloud will get bigger. you’ll be able to find more specific contents that are associated with each other by a tag.
  • comments: as you type your comment in the comment box, you’ll see the preview of your comment as you type. that’s useful especially when you’re using HTML. also, we’ll be adding gravatars eventually. and you can now subscribe to the comments for a post you leave a comment on. that way you know when there’s a reply.
  • sidebar: recent comments will be linked in the sidebar. that makes it easier to see what posts have recently been active.

we’re still playing with the design, so you may notice some changes still to come. please let me know if you have any comments.

welcome to the new plastique monkey blog!