killing bugs

(“bug women” — 2004, color pencils and lots of ballpoint pen on newsprint)

hiccup! first day for my shop, and i have the hiccups.

there were people who couldn’t create an account, because even though they picked out their country, the shop didn’t believe them.

that’s fixed now. (thanks, paul.)

then there was trouble making credit card payments in US dollars, because the credit card company was processing TEST transactions, not LIVE transactions.

that’s also fixed now. (thanks, internetsecure.)

sorry for so many bugs in my new shop. i’m trying to kill them all quickly.

thanks to the people who put up with this trouble on the first day and got what they wanted. if you had trouble with something, i’m sorry for inconveniencing you. i hope you’ll try again. please let me know if you’re having any trouble shopping, creating an account, or buying something.

everything seems to be working okay now.

the only bugs should be in my drawings…

Author: yuka

can you see this?