internal drawings (postcard set)

it looks like this “internal drawings” postcard set is one of the popular items from my shop. most of my drawings are basically “internal” theme. it was hard to choose, but i picked out six drawings to make this set. they are “inside of me”, “happy muscle knitting”, “after all”, “my secret elephant”, “inseparable”, and “proxy”. in all of these drawings, you can see what’s happening inside of my body.

you can view the images as a slideshow by clicking the thumbnails then clicking “previous” and “next”.

i also made prints of these drawings, except “happy muscle knitting”. the prints are also available in my shop. a lot of people seem to like “happy muscle knitting”, so i’m planning to make a print of that one too.

i went to the print shop yesterday to pick up my new order of prints and i’ll be going to another print shop this afternoon to pick up more postcards. this way, i can keep my stock high, so they’ll be ready to send right away if you order something.

Author: yuka

can you see this?