plastique monkey SHOP holiday

thank you everyone for ordering at plastique monkey SHOP! it’s been a little over a month since my shop opened and i’ve already shipped orders to north america, europe and asia. i’m so happy that my useless toys and art are finding new homes.

i will be on holiday for a week, starting this thursday (21st december). i’ve already pre-posted updates for the blog, so there will still be new things on this page during that time. but i’ll be out of town, so i won’t be able to ship anything from the shop until i get back, december 28th.

plastique monkey SHOP will still be accepting orders, but tomorrow (20th) will be the last shipping day until the 28th. there are many shipping options from canada post available, so people in canada and the US can still have orders delivered by christmas, if you order today or tomorrow. so take a look and see if there’s something that would make a good christmas present for someone on your list, or for yourself. i recommend the prints, myself. :D

after the holidays, there will be a plastique monkey SHOP sale starting. see you next week!

Author: yuka

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