happy 1st anniversary!


(photo: stack of homemade dorayaki, Doraemon‘s favorite snack)

oh, boy… today was absolutely the craziest day. when i woke up in the morning, all i could see was the whole white world. on the weather channel, there was a blizzard warning covering almost all of saskatchewan. the strong wind and the blowing snow completely blocked the view from my apartment window. i couldn’t see across the street.

i spent my afternoon drawing, but i got distracted by the noise of the strong wind so many times that i had to take a break a couple of times. we have some plastic chairs and a patio table on the balcony and they kept getting blown around. they were wild. one of the chairs got blown into the corner of the balcony and kept banging its head against the railing — it looked like self-mutilation.

anyway, this wild canadian weather almost made me forget that it’s a special day here — it’s the 1st anniversary of my blog! my very first post was one of my loud silence photos. for that first month, the only people who knew about my blog were me and paul :D i didn’t tell anyone about it until february, around the time i was setting up my solo drawing show. at that point, i was getting about 20 visitors per day (now it’s 250, average).

i’ve had so much fun with this blog for one year. i’ve met lots of interesting and nice people — thank you to those of you who leave comments or wrote to me using my contact page. some days were really exciting here, like the time that i got linked from metafilter and the site crashed. since then, paul redesigned my blog and i opened my shop and my gallery.

there will be a couple of new things happening in the new year. i’m preparing for a show this spring that i’ll be writing about. there will be some more updates here, including moving to a new server. and i have some personal news that i’ll be blogging about, and showing photos.

so, thank you for coming to visit. let’s have another great year!

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