10 sticks anime from pitagora switch (nhk)

-10 sticks anime~

-what should we do today?
-why don’t we go to a hot spring?
-that’s a good idea. let’s get going!

-oh, rain~
-i don’t wanna get wet…
-what should we do?
-let’s turn into an umbrella!
-let’s do that!
-if you look at it closely, you guys are soaked.
-uh”~~ that’s totally true!

-what should we do?
-why don’t we become something that likes rain?
-i see!

-it’ll take forever to get to the hot spring at this speed.
-true… then…
-it’s extremely fun!

-no wonder it’s getting colder. it’s snowing! i’m getting sleepy…
-hey! stop hibernating!
-oh! that was close.

-look at this big pile of snow.
-let’s make a snow man!
-okay, shall we make him do it?

-poki, poki…STRONG MAN!

(it builds a snowman)

-it needs a little more…
-okay, FACE~
-oh, that’s nice. then we are…
-oh, that’s nice. what should we do?
-of course. one, two…

-why don’t we go to the hot spring like this?
-oh, it’s closer than i thought.

-mmm… perfect temperature.
-let’s get in!
-ahhhhhhhh :)

Author: yuka

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