pregnancy armor (23 weeks)


it’s been a very cold winter here in saskatoon. it was -36℃ (without wind chill) yesterday. i don’t like the icy cold weather. even though i’ve gotten used to it a bit, every time i go out, i dress super-warm. i wear so many layers that i need an extra five minutes to get ready to go out.

since i got pregnant, i’m taking even longer to get ready while i put on my pregnancy equipment. i call it my “pregnancy armor”. my parents sent me a package from japan which included a haramaki (belly wrap) and a sasae-obi (support belt).

a haramaki is knit tube that you wear around your belly. it’s very important to keep your belly warm during pregnancy. whenever i say this to canadians, they’re always surprised to hear it. but in japan, it’s a very common idea.

the sasae-obi is a belt for protecting my back during pregnancy. it almost looks like a bra for the belly. it’s got a belly-shaped cup and a stretchy belt that wraps around the back. you can find this sort of belt in canada.  adding two layers to my belly really makes it stick out. once i put on the haramaki and the belt and tights and maternity jeans, i look totally pregnant. i think i need some kind of a theme song while i’m dressing up.

i’ve started to experience back pain for the first time in my life, from holding up my big belly. i don’t feel that heavy, but i guess i’m trying to balance my body unconsciously. i tend to sit for a long time when i’m drawing. i try to remember to stand up and walk once a hour, but sometimes i forget. my back aches so bad if i don’t stretch once awhile.

the good thing about this back pain is that i can get paul to massage my back. usually i’m the one who gives him a back massage, because he works for long hours standing up. i never understood what back pain felt like before, but now i know. so i think i can give him a better massage now.

poko-chan is doing well, i think and feel. poko-chan continues to kick hard at night when i go to bed. i guess it’s working on kickboxing technique. i used to get one kick at a time, but now i’m getting multiple kicks in a row. another thing that never occurred to me before i got pregnant is that the baby kicks not only out against the belly but inward and downward. it’s pretty weird feeling, being kicked in the bladder from the inside. another mystery of pregnancy.

i don’t want to criticize poko-chan (new to the world, doesn’t know personal etiquette yet), but please don’t kick my bladder…

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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  1. wow, i thought i was bad wearing just a few extra layers! i might have to look into one of those haramaki! maybe i can make one….well, i was just browsing some blogs that had to do with pregnancy, and came across yours! i’m 16 weeks. good luck with your baby, and your back rubs!!

  2. Oy vey. I’ll never know what it feels like to have my bladder kicked by a baby inside me, but it never occurred to me that kicking babies on the inside can kick *downward* and *inward* as well as outward.

    Right after I finish this comment, I’m going to phone my mother to apologize for kicking her bladder, because I’m sure I – and my twin sister – did. Poor Mom – it was probably like having two kids breakdancing inside her…

  3. FRO:
    great to hear from a pregnant friend :) how are you feeling? i remember i just started feeling better around 16 weeks. i hope you are feeling good too :)
    congraturations and good luck to you! see ya :)

    did you talk to your mom? what did she say?
    wowow. i didn’t know you have a twin sister. you guys must’ve had a fun dancing in the womb world – the very first friend to play with.

  4. I did talk to Mom, and she was very pleased, and said it was all worth the trouble, though she was happy that no one was inside pressing on her bladder anymore.

    It is special to be a twin – I didn’t use to think of it as special; in fact I quite resented having to share my birthday. But I have grown to cherish being a twin.

    It’s hilarious, BTW, to see me standing next to my twin. I am 6′ 3″ tall and she is 4′ 11″ tall (except in high heels, when she grows to about 5’2″). Go figure.

  5. i wear a similar belly tube in winter , although i am not pregnant. i think mostly old ladies do hat – it keeps the kidneys and back warm. it’s great especially on the bike (i get back aches when i get cold. x

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