humongous appetite (24 weeks)


i knew this stage would come sooner or later. i’m extremely hungry all the time. and when i say “all the time”, i mean it literally. i’ve been waking up at 5:30am (3 hours early for me), because my stomach is growling. i’ve been eating something almost every hour some days. i start planning what to eat next while i’m still eating. it’s that wild.

i feel like i”m eating all the time. in addition to my three meals, i snack a lot. i can’t eat too much at once, because i feel uncomfortably full, so i eat until i’m 80% full then snack on fruit, dried fruit, seaweed, dried fish, onigiri or a small cookie.

i try not to eat too much sugar and junk food. but once awhile i get a huge craving for something sweet, which is very hard to resist. i went to a coffee shop yesterday and my eyes were locked in on the delicious-looking cheesecakes. somehow i managed not to buy any (yet). i did treat myself to a cup of ice cream a few weeks ago, and i think i can live on that memory for another week or so. maybe i’ll have a piece of cheesecake next month — something to look forward to. when i finally eat it, i’ll be in heaven (if there’s such a thing).

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  1. ha! i get that whole “hungry all the time”, too! and, just like you, i can’t eat much all at once, so instead i have like, 6 little meals a day… but the one i have to fight hard is my craving for sweet and chocolattie stuff! i have never liked anything sweet, but on this 6th month, i’ve been dreaming of puddings and mousse… sadly, the doctor told me to cut on those sweets :(

  2. ah~ so good to know i’m not the only one :)
    i know~ it’s so hard to resist the cravings… we should eat a lot, but we have to be careful not to gain too much weight as well for a healthy delivery. it seems rather difficult to me…

    i did the diabetes test for pregnant women on my 24 weeks checkup. i had to drink a whole bottle of sweet orange-ish liquid in one shot. it was actually tasty, but too much to drink. i offered a nurse to share this delicious liquid, but she refused :D

    i hope i’m not diabetic.

    hope your pregnancy is going well!

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