my precious egg

my egg

this is me sitting on my precious egg…

good news! i’ve been accepted to be in the women’s art festival this year in saskatoon. the visual arts exhibition will be on from march 2nd to 30th at the mendel art gallery auditorium, with the opening on march 9th. i’ll be in the “established artists” section. last year, i was in their “emerging artists” group, so i guess i’ve emerged now.

i only found out yesterday that they need two drawings from me for the festival by march 1st (day after tomorrow). i was planning to do new drawings, instead of using my previous work. most of my favorite drawings are already being used for another show that i have coming up. so now i’m working quickly.

i was hoping to draw something last night, but i went to attend the saskatoon city council meeting to support the mendel art gallery’s planned expansion. the meeting lasted longer than i expected – i was there until 11pm. by the time i got home, i was too sleepy and hungry to draw.

even though i couldn’t draw last night, i was drawing in my mind during the meeting. i knew i wanted to do something with an egg, and maybe a chicken, so i went to the library this morning to get some children’s books about chickens.

for some reason, i drew chickens at this time last year, including my drawing “chicken breasts” for the 2006 women’s art festival. that chicken is wearing breasts because the festival was doing an art bra contest, and this was my version:
chicken breasts

if you’re going to be in saskatoon in march, i hope you can come to the exhibit! i just have to go do one more drawing by tomorrow…

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  1. seb’s avatar

    Just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog a little while ago and I love your work. Beautiful and very interesting.

  2. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    thank you for your comment and visiting my blog :) i hope you feel better soon.
    when you feel like wandering around the web, come and visit here again :)

  3. Marie’s avatar

    Hi! I just discovered your blog, and fall in love with your work =]
    But may i ask, why do you choose the chicken as an animal to represent the women role or the link to the children role. I was just curious what the true concept behind your great works =]


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