all-japan fireworks competition (for summer)

i might be wrong, but i heard it’s going to be PLUS 3 again this afternoon in saskatoon. “PLUS 3”, everyone. i don’t remember the last time i saw a plus sign for saskatoon weather…

clearly, summer is here.

a couple days ago, it was -13 degrees. that’s a jump of 16 degrees. now i’m too hot.

to celebrate the beginning of summer in canada, there’s nothing better than fireworks. this video is from the omagari all-japan fireworks competition, held every year on the last saturday in august in omagari, akita prefecture. the fireworks are synchronized with music, and the timing is amazing. in one part, i can see swans appearing under the dim light of oboro-zuki (hazy moon). it’s just gorgeous, and the ending is spectacular!

also posted to videosift.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “all-japan fireworks competition (for summer)”

  1. WOW. Holy cow! what a way to start spring and summer. Thanks for posting that. That was absolutely brillant! I must share that with my friends.


  2. it was almost 90 degrees in southern ca today.
    horrible!!!!! we barely even had winter. i should go to saksatoon >.>

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