postcard design for my new show


i’m having postcards and posters made to promote my show, titled “personal”, at the mendel art gallery. the image is my favorite drawing from this show, called “new heartbeat”. i wanted to have this work as the focal point of the show, so it’s displayed in the center of the main wall, with my other drawings in a symmetrical layout surrounding it. the secret of the show is that it’s all about poko-chan, one way or the other. i hope that poko-chan will be happy to see its visualized heart in the gallery.

the postcards and posters will be ready by the end of this week. i’m planning to walk around downtown and broadway this weekend to put up posters and invite people in person to come to the opening. i’ll also be leaving some postcards in shops, so if you find this somewhere please feel free to take it home with you.

the mendel has also invited me to put some of my art prints and postcards up for sale in their gallery shop. i chose a few of the same ones that are available as prints in my online shop, plus i’m also making art prints of “new heartbeat” for the first time. “new heartbeat” will also be added to my online shop, as soon as i have time.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

7 thoughts on “postcard design for my new show”

  1. That image is incredible. I can only hope to afford to get a print when you start selling it! I am such a sucker for medical imagery – especially hearts, oh my, you sure have targeted my demographic. :)

    Congrats on the show!!

  2. thank you sonja :)

    >I am such a sucker for medical imagery
    me, too. the artist i’m doing a show with is also a medical illustrator. he does all kinds of stuff, but his medical illustration is magical. i hope someday i’ll be able to draw like him…

    i have prints of this drawing made already. i’ll put this up on my online shop as soon as i have time.

  3. こういうちょっとグロいのがいいですね!



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