opening reception at mendel art gallery

(with my friend amalie atkins, an artist and filmmaker)

the opening reception last friday night went really well. it was an opening for two exhibitions: “lasting impressions” – works from the art gallery of hamilton, and “personal :: political”, the artists by artists exhibition by dave geary and me.

it’s been a year since i showed my work in a gallery here. people seemed curious to look at my drawings in person. up close, you can really see the different color pencil pigments and how they blend. i pay a lot of attention to that technique when i’m drawing, but you can’t really see the details in an online digital image. so i was happy to get to show people my work in real life.

it was great to see so many people at the reception. some friends of mine were there, and i got to meet some of my blog readers in person. there were also lots of people i’d never met before, from the art community. they said very nice things about my drawings. i was talking, talking, talking all night. when i got home i was supertired, but it was a good night.

the best moment of the reception for me was at the end of the night, when one of the security guards came up to me and told me she really loves my drawings – they’re beautiful and they make her think. she shook my hand passionately. she said she first saw my work at this year’s women’s art festival, which was on at the mendel art gallery in march. she really liked the chickens. when my drawings were put up for this show, she brought her kids to see them.

i was touched. she wasn’t obliged to say anything nice about my drawings to make me happy. everyone at the opening reception was very nice, but you know that it’s not all sincere. i thought this woman’s thoughts were very genuine.

the show is on until june 3rd. admission is free, and i hope many people come to see my work in person. if you can’t make it, you can view images of the drawings from my show in my online gallery.

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  1. Mathieu, Blographic’s avatar

    Hey :)

    I hope this article will be useful

    Congratulations for your work, beautiful !

  2. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    merci beaucoup, mathieu.

    it looks like a lot of people coming from your site. i love the way you wrote about my drawings. arigato :)

    i linked back to your blog.

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