sameko chan


“same” means shark. by adding “ko (meaning child)” at the end it makes a female name.

i’ve been thinking about what to name poko-chan for real. i came up with some names, but it’s hard to decide which one is the best until i see the face of poko-chan.

i’m trying to come up with some names that sound both english and japanese. i also have to find good kanji to go with it. it seems there are thousands of choices…

for my name, 夕香 – yuka, my parents chose “夕 – evening” for “yu” and “香 – fragrant” for “ka”. i really like my name even though some canadians have trouble saying my name correctly. they call me yuku, yuko, yuki, etc…  i say “yes” to everything because i’m a good japanese citizen.
hopefully paul and i will be able to come up with a good name in four weeks. or we might stick with poko-chan after all…

ps. sameko-chan is eating apollo chocolate. someone gave me a box of mini apollo chocolate the other day. it put me into a nostalgic mode. i used to eat this when i was little. i had to draw it. of course, my apollo chocolate doesn’t come with chocolate.

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can you see this?

9 thoughts on “sameko chan”

  1. i think i know what “random images” mean. there are illustrations on the boxes right? featuring the apollo mascots. i still get them for my girlfriend who loves them. especially chilled.

  2. mike7:

    arigato :)

    vee chan:

    good point! i should pay more attention to the same world :D

    char chan + jacson:

    you guys really know about apollo! calfornia and singapore must have a lot of japanese stores. i haven’t found a regular apollo in saskatoon yet. i must ask my parents to bring some when they come in this summer.

  3. i meant that you _have_ paid attention to the same world! sameko would never want a box of chocolates, so it’s great that you’ve given her something she’ll find more delicious: a box of heads. keep up the excellent oceanography!

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