i can drive!

i got my first driver’s license yesterday. i avoided getting one for a long time. i preferred walking and taking public transportation to driving a car. in kyoto, i used to ride my bicycle to work, 40 minutes each way. my bicycle was my favorite mama-chari (mama style bicycle, with only one gear, like this one from muji). in japan the trains are very convenient, so you can go almost anywhere easily. but in canada, it’s hard to get around without a car, and so many of the shops are in the suburbs along busy roads. now that i have a baby coming i’ll need to be able to go somewhere in the car without waiting for paul to come home and drive.

so i took some lessons and practiced my driving. i expected that i would have trouble paying attention when i’m driving, because i always get distracted so easily. but i found i can do it, even though sometimes i’m nervous. the hardest part of the driver’s test was parallel parking — it took me 3 tries. but it got it!

here’s a rapping lesson for all of you drivers. watch out for the NO ZONES!…

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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  1. that rap was painful, but congrats on your licence! i’ve been driving for over 10 years and i still can’t really parallel park–there’s no call for that sort of thing in the depopulated areas i tend to inhabit.

  2. vee:

    ahaha, i know. the rap is so bad that i love it :D it’s got the same goodness as the C-movie “troll 2“.

    today, i drove into a bus terminal by mistake. it won’t be too long until i have to return my license…


    thanks. i’ve been driving like a crazy person from day 1.

  3. Wow! I think that No Zones video might have been played in my driver’s ed class, too. :D Excellent!! How exciting that you can drive now. I’ve heard that Canada made some new laws that can revoke licenses really easily? Well, that may not be a terrible thing…people where I’m from are terrible drivers! I would revoke their licenses if I could.

  4. wa wa wa what?! is this an official instruction video?! impressive, most impressive.

    do you remember what happened after the hotdog scene by any chance? i’m curious to know who ate the burnt hotdog.

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