batchsplash art show


a local dj, jon vaughn invited me to take part in a group show, called “batchsplash” at scyap here in saskatoon. this is an art show combining drawings, paintings and videos.  i’m showing this drawing, called “reedllik”, as well as this and this.

jon vaughn and jon jones curated the show, featuring lots of local artists. here’s the lineup:

Drawings, Paintings and Videos by

Music by:

Video by:

i’m happy to be able to take part in this show. i love watching jon vaughn. he came over to pick up my drawings the other day. his outfit is always awesome. he was wearing a badge on his jacket that said, “saskatoon magic”. yes. he is magical.

the show started on may 8th, but the opening reception is today, may 18th at 7pm. the concert starts at 8pm – 2am. if you can make it, please drop in at scyap and come and have fun at the reception!

curated by Jon Jones + Jon Vaughn
May 8th-June 8th

Friday, May 18th
Opening 7pm
Concert 8pm-2am

253 3rd avenue, south
saskatoon, sk

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